An investment solution for real estate investors with discretionary capital but limited resources and limited access to investment opportunities afforded the privileged.


Our Investing Structure

1. Property Evaluation

Properties are brought to us by institutions or individuals who have mortgage default issues. Properties meeting these parameters will be evaluated and considered on a case by case basis to be acquired and included in our project portfolio. Projects identified as solid investments are offered to investors through project specific funding.


We acquire properties below market or appraised value. The collective capital is merged into a legal syndication structure. We manage the project/property to protect your capital while ensuring above average returns.


The property is sold or financed to preserve positive cash flow and ensure above average ROI.

Arcadia Syndicate is a family owned and operated real estate acquisition and investment firm. We treat our exempt participants as though, family. We work with an efficient and highly qualified team of executive associates, associates and experts specializing in property analyses, due diligence, tax strategies, structuring and discounted acquisition of real estate as an accredited institutional purchaser.

Over the past 36 years operating privately (under a private family office) our executive associates have now launched our offerings to a network of affluent private investors who fund our acquired assets through project specific funding. We call this ” Procurement Funding “, a model that eliminates the conventional red tape of banks that wastes our investment time and resources.

As part of Arcadia Syndicate, we provide guidance and educate investors on how to invest correctly, earn a solid pre-tax ROI with built in IRR along with equity gains in fluctuating real estate markets throughout North America.

The many benefits of investing in income properties include; creating a cash on cash return, planned strategic leveraging, tax benefits, write-offs on interest expenses, equity build-up, forced and natural appreciation, creating long-term wealth, retirement and estate planning opportunities.

With 36 years of experience, our operational team consists of executive associates who perform various duties and functions including:

Finance, Communications, Treasury, Legal, Operations, Product Development, Portfolio Analysis and Acquisitions, Procurement Funding Division, Transaction Coordinator, Registration, Training and Development, Quality Assurance, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Public Relations, and Customer Service. The various divisions of our operations expand as our business grows to handle the growth as predicted.

People who deal with us, are delighted to have known us, in fact, recommend us to their family and loved ones. We bring a sense of peace, with everyone, we associate ourselves with. We approach our business, from a family point of view, first and always.

If you know someone who wishes to sell, we are focused on the following types of properties.

Residential and Commercial (high and low rise) Complexes – Strip Malls – Residential Estates    Condominiums – pre-power of sale or pre-foreclosure issues

We can take title to property within 11 business days. Upon acceptance of our offer, our executive associate will establish the closing process, monies will transfer into a trust account and every detail shall thereafter be handled.

  • The seller will not be required to make any repairs or make any further payments of any kind related to the property.
  • Broker listed properties are protected. If the property is not a commissioned sale, no commissions will be owed.
  • Our assurance to the seller is a headache free transaction.
If you know someone interested in selling their property, you may be pleased to have them contact us: selling@arcadiasyndicate.com


We offer participation in project specific structures with multiple components of returns, Annual intended return, cash on cash and/or profit sharing and equity participation.

The range of returns is described in a schedule that is attached to each project’s subscription agreement.

Our exempt participants may Joint Venture with us directly in specific projects or may elect to participate by way of a syndication.

If you know someone interested in participating, you may be pleased to have them contact us: participate@arcadiasyndicate.com.

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