Our Team

An investment solution for real estate investors with discretionary capital but limited resources and limited access to investment opportunities afforded the privileged.




Taimour Zaman President and CEO: As a principal, Mr. Zaman has closed on over $10,789,000.00 worth of real estate and as an entrepreneur has provided consulting services and brokered and closed over 1,000 business transactions. Mr. Zaman has phenomenal credentials including co-founder of 8 Billion Acts of Innovation the company and the soon to be syndicated television programs financing AI companies. Mr. Zaman works with Licensed Real Estate Broker, Accredited Investors, is a Proven Syndicator, Professional Speaker, Blogger of AI and Machine Learning – “the future is now here” Mr. Zaman’s leadership creates the economic trends which the markets eventually follow.

Jason Parente, VP Training & Development:  Jason has over 13 years of experience as a Business/Management & Financial Consultant. He is a speaker, author, real estate agent in New York State, and has led a training seminar to over 10K people. His passion is in supporting his clients to increase their wealth and move them to from a J.O.B. (just over broke) situation to a life of living with passive income.

John Tayles, VP Communications
John has 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and coach and two decades as a recording artist. Passionate about helping others to be personally and financially free, John’s overriding commitment is that people are able to do what they love. 

Anitra Persad, VP Investor Relations. Anitra Persad is the Chief Legal Liaison at Arcadia Syndicate. Anitra and her family have been investing in real estate for the past several years in various multi-residential, commercial and distressed assets. Anitra’s goals are to work with families, institutions and investors to help them realize their personalized objectives. She often works tirelessly with various law firms to ensure all matters related to legal have been taken care of.

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