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An investment solution for real estate investors with discretionary capital but limited resources and limited access to investment opportunities afforded the privileged.


Over the past 36 years operating privately (under a private family office) our executive associates have now launched our offerings to a network of affluent private investors who fund our acquired assets through project specific funding. We call this ” Procurement Funding “, a model that eliminates the conventional red tape of banks that wastes our investment time and resources.


Arcadia started because the founders were focused on discovering the answer to this one question which continues to be the driving force even today, the question…

What can an investor (on his or her own) with capital, but limited resources, do to participate in real estate transactions only available to Bay Street investment groups or to the private Family Offices?

With this question in mind, what emerged is the delivery of a time-tested investment solution.

a Syndicate: a group of people who join together and contribute resources and capital for an undertaking of a particular business operation and collectively share in the rewards produced.


Our people at Arcadia analyze and deeply understand the virtues of each investment as a unique project situation as different. What we look for in our analysts is the keen ability to see differences from one transaction to the next. We found when an analyst is not able to point to differences in a given project versus another, their ability to be objective has been diminished and their value as an analyst is no longer of optimum service. The position of an analyst we don’t take for granted. These (our) people are treated with the utmost of respect for what they bring to our family of experience, ability, and skills.


As for an instance, suppose you (the reader) have an income producing property, you need to understand how long you need to hold the property to minimize taxable events (there are three in all when investing in real estate). You need to…

  • Know when it’s a good time to refinance your holdings.
  • Comprehend what the best-suited structure is given estate planning rules, given the current economy, you need to determine the term of the mortgage and the associated length of amortization.
  • Be aware of the best time to do capital improvements; when to take ” book ” depreciation.
  • Know when it’s a good time to sell.
  • Know the time value of equity-capital.
  • Be aware of diminishing returns.
  • Utilize the dollar cost averaging of the payments being made to the mortgages.
  • Know the equity-capital and its current value to maximize tax effective returns and importantly, when to implement the best exit strategy for maximum returns while minimizing taxes.

That’s part of the job of an analyst.


Arcadia, as you have read many times, is a family owned and operated real estate acquisition and management syndication, with 36 years of experience. We have in hand a highly qualified team of people specializing in property analysis and due diligence (as you read about already), specialized tax-lawyers who structure our acquisitions for tax efficiencies, contractor-television personalities, mortgage financing specialists, and property management experts.

Our acquisition mandate is properties which are brought to us from institutions or individuals who have mortgage default issues. These properties range in value from $100,000.00 to $10,000,000.00.

Properties meeting these parameters will be evaluated and considered on a case by case basis to be acquired and included in our project portfolio.


Arcadia, we have a corporate soul which emanates from every member of our team. We can write many descriptive words for the reader to get motivated to participate with us. We wish to simply direct you to one of our founder’s note to his daughters.

To My Daughters, now Three. 

Changing ones mind about a life’s mission or goal or desire because you observe earnestly (with sincerity) yet a more better expression of yourself, is okay, so long as the change of mind is not to cover up the heartfelt pain of not as yet achieving the original desire. 

To that, every desire, that is, every desire is achievable. 


Be solidity of mind, as the flow of negativity spirals past, granting way for the moment of the desire to spotlight, sometimes only for a moment or two or three and once again dimmed, only because the desire, has yet to know, persistence.   

With Love Dad
(Date Timeless)

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